Social Media

Green Future Solutions is Hiring a Green Social Strategist

We are looking for an environmentally-conscious individual to help green businesses and non-profits with their social strategies and tools, and managing the social media accounts and online communities. You will be in charge of developing, executing, managing, measuring and reporting on social strategies, both online and offline. Responsibilities: Work with…

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Communication of CSR through Social Media

Are you planning to use social media to communicate your company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy and activities? What are some things to take note of when using social media for CSR? This article shares our thoughts on the communication of CSR through social media, which we presented at last…

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How Singaporeans Can Encourage Facebook to Unfriend Coal by Earth Day

Greenpeace is campaigning to get Facebook to unfriend coal by Earth Day, April 22, and Singaporeans can help to encourage Facebook too. Greenpeace’s Unfriend Coal campaign wants Facebook to: Increase the use of clean energy to make Facebook coal free Develop a plan to make Facebook coal free by 2021…

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