12 Ideas for the National Climate Change Strategy 2012

The National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) is currently preparing the National Climate Change Strategy 2012 (NCCS-2012) publication, and is seeking public feedback and ideas.

The NCCS-2012 will provide a framework and overall strategy for Singapore to tackle climate change, and will outline policies and measures to reduce emissions, cope with the impact of climate change and build our capabilities.

The public consultation by NCCS involves conducting an online consultation exercise, focus group sessions and community forums. You can give your feedback and ideas via the NCCS website from now till 14 Oct.

Here are 12 ideas for the National Climate Change Strategy 2012, which was submitted by Low Carbon Singapore to NCCS:

  1. Support a National Campaign on Climate Change Involving Different Stakeholders
  2. Explore Soft Approaches to Create Behavior Change
  3. Expand the Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme to Other Common Products
  4. Encourage Carpooling, Carsharing and Bikesharing
  5. Provide Incentives for Commercial Transport Fleet Operators to Reduce Fuel Consumption
  6. Set Clear Direction to Promote Cleaner Vehicles
  7. Provide Practical Advice for SMEs to Measure and Reduce Energy and Carbon Emissions
  8. Mandate Building Owners to Reduce Lightings at Night
  9. Include SCEM Training Curriculum into Relevant Tertiary School Courses
  10. Set Mandatory Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard
  11. Work Towards a Four National Switches Energy Strategy
  12. Rethink the Use of Coal

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