Work towards systemic changes this Earth Day

April 22, 2014 by  
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Every year on Earth Day, we are reminded of the need to take individual actions for our environment. This year, besides taking small individual actions, let us also start thinking about how we can work towards systemic changes with more impact.

While it is important for each of us to take action, it is even more important to focus on systemic changes. We need systemic changes such as building sustainable urban infrastructure and green buildings; increasing the resilience of our energy, water and food security; redesigning and developing new ways of making, reusing and recycling products and materials; and conserving our biodiversity.

These large systemic changes are likely to be achieved mostly through the efforts of the government, but it can happen faster with individuals pushing for these actions to be discussed and implemented. Read more

How Singaporeans Can Encourage Facebook to Unfriend Coal by Earth Day

February 4, 2011 by  
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Greenpeace is campaigning to get Facebook to unfriend coal by Earth Day, April 22, and Singaporeans can help to encourage Facebook too.

Greenpeace’s Unfriend Coal campaign wants Facebook to:

  • Increase the use of clean energy to make Facebook coal free
  • Develop a plan to make Facebook coal free by 2021
  • Educate users about how Facebook powers its services and its carbon footprint
  • Advocate for clean energy at a local, national and international level

Facebook announced last year that it is building a new energy efficient data centre to serve the hundreds of millions of its users, but the company plans to run it on electricity from burning coal, which is the most carbon intensive fossil fuel and also very pollutive. Greenpeace believes that Facebook can move away from coal and switch to clean energy, and influence the rest of the IT sector to do likewise. Read more