A Practical Guide to Organising Conversations on Sustainable Singapore

Conversations on Sustainable Singapore (Food Security) cover

We believe that conversations involving the public can increase awareness, engagement and ownership of sustainability issues in Singapore, and enable the public to discuss constructive and specific solutions to address the issues. More importantly, the conversations will plant the seeds that it is possible to nudge or effect environmental change from the bottom-up.

We hope to see more young people come forward to organise future conversations. So based on our experience in co-organising 4 public conversations – “Our SG Conversation for the Green Community” and 3 “Conversations on Sustainable Singapore”, we developed a practical guide to empower more young people and student groups to take the lead in organising future Conversations on Sustainable Singapore.

This practical guide gives a step-by-step approach on how to organise public conversations and shares some good practices, format and questions, and templates of slides, email and feedback forms. If you are interested to organise a conversation, we hope that this free guide would be useful and you do not have to start from scratch.

Download [download#14#size#nohits]

If your student or youth group is interested to organise a conversation and need more advice, feel free to contact us at eugene@greenfuture.sg.

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