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  1. Hi,

    My daughter is a big environs mentalist, she cultivate and influence the people around her to always save the earth.

    May I know if this is the right platform for her to get involve in a meaningful way and play her part? She would love to contribute to sustain the environment.

    Pls advise if not, would appreciate your sharing on relevant link please.

    Much appreciated.

    Many Thanks,

  2. Good morning

    Just found this Green Future Page, a platform exactly what I am looking for! May I know is this a government website or what is the main purpose of working on this platform? I would love to contribute more towards sustainability. For our earth for our landfill.

  3. Hi, do you conduct talks on sustainability topics with customised content? Can share the list of speakers ?

  4. Good afternoon,

    With a group of ~40 trained facilitators in Singapore, we organize educational workshops on climate change. The workshop is in the form of a card game, based on the latest AR6 WG1 report of the IPCC.


    We would be very pleased to discuss further with your organization see how we could jointly accelerate the deployment of the workshop in Singapore.

    Could we arrange a call at your convenience?
    We could arrange a workshop for you, or invite you to our next scheduled workshop.

    Thank you.

  5. Dear Green Future team,

    Our corporate is now looking for partner that can offer some training for our staffs on sustainability.
    May I know are there available workshops/ training suitable for introductory level?

    Thank you

  6. Hi,
    My school needs someone to talk about sustainability for Earth day ( 21st Apr) Friday. We have 2 assembly session for lower Primary and upper primary. Is there anyone whom I can link up to for this request?

  7. Dear Sir / Madam,

    My cousin had studied Master of Science in Sustainable Science and Solutions (85/120) / Institution: Lappeenranta University of Technology / Year of Graduation: 2023 in FINLAND.

    She liked very much to work in Singapore.

    Please refer a right source to approach for her employment / Training / Research / Internship in Singapore suiting her studies.

    Thank you for your support.


  8. Hi, I am looking for some sustainability training providers in Singapore for quarterly sessions on sustainability. This is for OLIVER agency office in Singapore.

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