The 7 Habits of Green Conscious Singaporeans

The 7 Habits of Green Conscious Singaporeans is a book published by Eugene Tay, the Director of Green Future Solutions.

If you wish to go green and take action, this book makes it easier for you. Eugene has compiled a list of 7 habits that are commonly found in people who are green conscious and environmentally aware. All of us can start learning these 7 habits now and take action to improve and protect the environment. The 7 habits include:

Habit 1: Respect nature and renew your bond
Habit 2: Improve your environmental awareness and knowledge
Habit 3: Reduce your environmental impact
Habit 4: Spread the green message and influence others
Habit 5: Support green initiatives and groups
Habit 6: Participate as an active citizen
Habit 7: Choose to be a responsible consumer

The habits begin with first developing your “Self” by respecting and renewing your relationship with nature and its biodiversity, improving on your understanding of environmental issues and knowledge, and taking personal actions to reduce your energy and water usage, and waste disposal.

Next, move on to influence your “Family, Friends, School, Work or Group” by spreading the environmental message to others such as family members, friends and colleagues, and convincing organisations that you belong to, such as schools, companies, or social groups, to be more green.

Finally, go one step further to shape your “Community and Local Environment” through supporting green initiatives by the government and environmental groups, volunteering or joining activities organised by the groups, participating actively as a citizen to shape government policies, and choosing to be a responsible consumer who supports green businesses and products.

You can practise all the 7 habits or adopt a few habits to do something for the environment. The habits are only a guide to help you make the first move and to inspire you to do more.

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