Changing People’s Mindset and Shifting Culture

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Several recent letters in the newsletters were talking about the need for mindset change and culture shift, and that it is up to us to make a difference for a gracious or sustainable Singapore.

I think it is getting harder to change mindset, culture and behaviour in this digital and fast-paced age, as compared to the past when there are only few channels of communications and limited mental entertainment. Now we are bombarded by messages daily such that we feel numb and resist change.

How then can we change people’s mindset and shift culture? Maybe we can do it through two ways: Read more

Green Media Roundtable Discussion: Singapore and the Environment

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I was on the panel for the Green Media Roundtable Discussion organised by Green Drinks Singapore last week, where together with other environmental journalists and bloggers, we shared on Singapore’s journey towards sustainability – how far we have come these 50 years, and what else we can improve or focus on.

Here’s some thoughts that I shared at the discussion (with some additional remarks and clarification):

1)  Environmentalism in Singapore: Government and NGOs

I would divide the green movement in Singapore into 3 time periods: Before 2000 (Conservation and Protection); 2000-2010 (The Golden Age); and After 2010 (One Step Forward, 2 Steps Back). Read more

International Conference on Achieving Sustainability to Empower Future Generations – Key Learning Points

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APO International Conference

Asia is Green recently attended the International Conference on Achieving Sustainability to Empower Future Generations, held from 13 to 15 Mar 2014 in Taipei. The conference was organised by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Taiwan Green Trade Project Office, and China Productivity Center in conjunction with the Eco-Products International Fair 2014, and involved more than 20 international speakers and more than 200 participants, including 30 international delegates representing 15 different countries from the Asia-Pacific region.

Three key topics were covered at the conference: “How will Green Energy Shape Our Future?”; “Green Consumption/Green Procurement: Is Behaviour Change the Heart of Sustainability?”; and “How Smart/Green Can a City Be?” Here’s a summary of the key learning points that we gained from the conference: Read more