Green Media Roundtable Discussion: Singapore and the Environment

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I was on the panel for the Green Media Roundtable Discussion organised by Green Drinks Singapore last week, where together with other environmental journalists and bloggers, we shared on Singapore’s journey towards sustainability – how far we have come these 50 years, and what else we can improve or focus on.

Here’s some thoughts that I shared at the discussion (with some additional remarks and clarification):

1)  Environmentalism in Singapore: Government and NGOs

I would divide the green movement in Singapore into 3 time periods: Before 2000 (Conservation and Protection); 2000-2010 (The Golden Age); and After 2010 (One Step Forward, 2 Steps Back). Read more

Speaking on Collaborative Consumption at Green Drinks Singapore

July 4, 2011 by  
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Eugene spoke at Green Drinks Singapore last week on “Collaborative Consumption and New Business Opportunities”. He shared about the emerging trend of Collaborative Consumption or sharing empowered by technology and social networks, and how it changes consumption and the way businesses operate.

He also shared local examples of companies involved in Collaborative Consumption, and new business opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies interested in this new but important trend.

Here’s his presentation slides: