Green Products and Exhibits at Eco-Products International Fair 2014

Eco-Products International Fair 2014

We recently visited the Eco-Products International Fair 2014 (EPIF 2014) held from 13 to 16 Mar 2014 in Taipei. The exhibition was organised by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), and Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade. The exhibition has been rotating among APO member countries since 2004, and is in Taiwan for the first time.

Implemented by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, with the Taiwan Green Trade Project Office and the China Productivity Center, the exhibition saw a record-breaking number of 207 exhibitors with 437 booths participating in the Fair to promote green trade, sustainable development, and green lifestyle.

Here’s a look at some of the exhibits and products displayed at the Fair:

Several booths were displaying household hydroponics system (some with aquaponics too), seems like this is becoming popular in Taiwan.

hydroponics 1

hydroponics 2

Using algae to take in carbon dioxide and purify the air.


Display of a Building Management System dashboard to monitor energy consumption in buildings.

Building Energy Management System

Monitoring energy consumption in homes using a Home Energy Management System.

Home Energy Management System

Using natural daylight to light up spaces with reflectors.

Daylight reflector

Solar cells that are flexible and can be bent.

flexible solar cell

Tzu Chi Foundation demonstrating the sorting of waste into various categories for recycling.

Tzu Chi waste sorting

A food waste recycling unit for home use, which can convert food waste into almost power-form within hours.

food waste recycler

Making recycled wood products from waste wooden furniture.

recycled furniture products

Biodegradable food containers and utensils made from PLA.

biodegrable containers and utensils

Taiwan is promoting Cradle to Cradle design of products.

Cradle to Cradle 1

Cradle to Cradle 2

Display of products in Taiwan with green labels.

green label products 1

green label products 2

The various green labels in Taiwan.

Taiwan green labels

Information about electric vehicle pilot program in Taiwan.

EV pilot program

Information about solar energy policy and implementation in Taiwan.

Taiwan solar energy

Information about the ISO 20121 standard on event sustainability management system for EPIF 2014, which is the first event in Taiwan to adopt the standard.

First ISO 20121 event in Taiwan

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