Looking for a hotel or mall to improve waste reduction and recycling

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Most of the large hotels and malls in Singapore have recycling programmes, yet their recycling rates are very low at 7-9% in 2015.

We are looking to work with a hotel or mall in Singapore to understand their waste and try to see if there is room to improve their waste reduction and recycling.

This service is complimentary on the condition that the results and insights would be published as a case study for other companies. If there are hotels or malls that are interested, pls email us at eugene@greenfuture.sg. Thanks!

Findings from Mandatory Waste Reporting

Image credit: NEA, Findings from Mandatory Waste Reporting (reporting period from Jan to Dec 2015)

A Zero Waste Hierarchy for Developing Countries in Asia

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Developing countries in Asia are struggling with the increasing amounts of waste generated and disposed. Those countries without the proper waste infrastructure and collection services often resort to open dumping or burning, thus causing environmental pollution and health problems.

What is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is a concept that could be adopted in these developing countries in Asia. Zero Waste challenges the old way of thinking about waste as something that has no value and to be thrown away.

According to the Zero Waste Alliance: “Zero waste suggests that the entire concept of waste should be eliminated. Instead, waste should be thought of as a “residual product” or simply a “potential resource” to counter our basic acceptance of waste as a normal course of events. Opportunities such as reduced costs, increased profits, and reduced environmental impacts are found when returning these “residual products” or “resources” as food to either natural and industrial systems.” Read more

Waste Management and Recycling: Is Our Effort Going to Waste?

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By Jovin Hurry

The Waste Management Symposium 2013 held on 2 July at Max Atria, Singapore Expo, got several participants to question whether what countries in the region have been doing in managing their waste is enough and impactful, given the increasing level of difficulty of inter-related waste issues in an overcrowded planet.

The experts threw around big numbers. The global industry of 4 billion tons of waste and 1.2 billion tons of household waste has a US$420 billion turnover. Around 10 million tons of plastics are floating as ocean litter. Nearly 70% of the growth of megacities is happening without proper urban planning. The World Bank estimates we need US$40 billion today to handle waste management.

The tough questions need to be asked. We need to define national strategies, responsibilities and required administration areas. Our economic models must be reviewed. We must check whether the technologies used are the right one. Can we be innovative in terms of funding? For example, climate change mechanisms can be looked at to fund waste management structures in developing countries, a point rightfully brought up by Mr. David Newman, President of the International Solid Waste Association. Read more

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Your Waste

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recycling-signYou can practise the 3 Rs in your daily lives – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (in order of sequence). The sequence is important, as source reduction is usually the best way to minimise waste while recycling still has some impact on the environment and should be done last. Waste minimisation helps to conserve resources and reduce energy usage in the production and transportation process.

Visit the Zero Waste Singapore website to learn more about how you can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.