More to be done on CSR in Singapore

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Minister Lawrence Wong at International Singapore Compact CSR Summit (1)

The annual International Singapore Compact CSR Summit was held today by Singapore Compact, and provided a platform for companies and thought leaders involved in CSR (corporate social responsibility) to discuss how companies can maintain sustainable growth through adopting CSR and engaging stakeholders to achieve a balanced triple bottom line.

The CSR movement has grown in importance and relevance, and companies can no longer ignore the need to embrace and embed CSR in their businesses. Mr Kwek Leng Joo, President of Singapore Compact, shared that only one-third of the listed companies in Singapore communicate their CSR and sustainability initiatives to stakeholders through various channels, and only 32 companies produced CSR reports in 2013 according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) database. Read more

International Singapore Compact CSR Summit 2014

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International Singapore Compact CSR Summit 2014 - Participants

Awareness about corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Singapore and the ASEAN region has been growing over the past decade, a trend that is expected to continue. In spite of this, many businesses in the region still find it an uphill task to actively embed CSR into their business strategies, preferring to invest in the social development and philanthropic aspects of CSR.

This is the inspiration behind the theme for this year’s International Singapore Compact CSR Summit, “CSR: For Sustainable Growth. Balancing Profits, People and Planet”. Taking place at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre on 16 and 17 October 2014, this year’s 2-day conference provides a platform for major CSR players to discuss how companies can maintain sustainable growth through responsible business actions. Read more

International Singapore Compact CSR Summit brings together the best in CSR thoughts and practices

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Singapore’s premium CSR event is back once again! The International Singapore Compact CSR Summit, organised by Singapore Compact for Corporate Social Responsible (CSR), is taking place on 4 and 5 September 2013 at the Raffles City Convention Centre.

Now into its fifth year, the 2-day Summit promises to showcase the best CSR thoughts and practices in the region and around the world, by bringing together more than top business leaders, government officials, policy makers, academics, civil society leaders and CSR practitioners in a brisk exchange of focused analysis and dialogue on the world of CSR. Read more

Insights from a Green Champion’s CSR Journey

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With concerted government and private-sector efforts towards environmental sustainability in Singapore and across the globe, the green sector has grown considerably in prominence and company practices. With this comes various ways of measuring, understanding, and of course recognising efforts by companies which invest considerable effort into this aspect of corporate social responsibility, or CSR.

One example of this is the Singapore Compact CSR Awards, launched in 2010 in various categories for different aspects of CSR. To understand and learn from a local company’s CSR journey, Green Business Singapore spoke to Ms Esther An, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), City Developments Limited (CDL), winner of the inaugural Singapore Compact CSR Green Champion Award. Read more

Singapore Companies Honoured at Inaugural CSR Awards

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At the International Singapore Compact CSR Summit 2010, Singapore Compact announced the winners of the inaugural CSR Awards, to honour the companies’ best practices in CSR. Out of the 58 entries submitted, five local companies were chosen as winners in five different categories while two other companies received Special Mention.

Speaking on the awards, Mr Seah Kian Peng, Vice-President of Singapore Compact for CSR said: “The response for the awards this year has been very good. The judges discussed the various nominations very thoroughly before arriving at their decision. We feel that this award is a good way to motivate people to improve their CSR performance. We need leaders and innovators to lead the way in CSR, and to improve on what has been done. For future years’ awards, we will fine tune the criteria for selection to align to changing expectations of the community and other stakeholders.” Read more

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