Energy efficient

Adopt Green IT and Green Computing Practices

Green IT or green computing usually refers to making the data centre and other IT system or equipment more energy efficient, and to reduce the environmental impacts associated with IT, such as recycling of computing equipment. You can adopt the following Green IT practices on energy efficiency in your organisation’s…

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Use Government Fundings for Energy Audits and Energy Efficient Technologies

There are several funding and incentive schemes provided by the National Environment Agency (NEA) to help companies reduce their costs in engaging ESCOs or investing in energy saving equipment and technologies. If companies lack the expertise to manage their energy consumption, they can engage an Energy Services Company (ESCO) to…

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Conduct an Energy Survey to Identify Energy Saving Opportunities

An energy survey is a simple assessment of the energy use in your organisation and the aim is to identify and correct bad energy habits and practices. Start by forming a small team to conduct the energy survey, appointing an energy manager as the team leader and recruiting staff from…

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