Our SG Conversation for the Green Community

In our earlier post, Our (Green) Singapore Conversation, we mentioned that we are planning to organise an OSC session for the green community. Here’s an update:

Our SG Conversation for the Green Community is organised by Faizah Jamal, Nominated Member of Parliament (Environment and Heritage) People and Civic Sector, and Eugene Tay, Director, Green Future Solutions, in collaboration with the “Our Singapore” Programme Office, Public Service Division.

The ongoing Our SG Conversation (OSC) provides an opportunity for Singaporeans to come together and discuss our vision and priorities as a country. We believe that the green community would also be able to contribute and make a difference to this national conversation. The diverse views of the green community, which includes environmental NGOs and groups; individual environment, animal and wildlife activists; and environmental businesses, associations and research academics, would add an important voice to the overall conversation.

To that end, we are organising the “Our SG Conversation for the Green Community” session with the following objectives:

  • Allow the green community to come together and voice our thoughts and vision for Singapore
  • Input the views and discussions of the green community into the OSC process
  • Foster greater interaction and discussion among the green community on national issues beyond the OSC process

As we are adopting the existing OSC format and facilitation questions, our discussion is on general issues and our vision for Singapore, and not just on green issues. Although as members of the green community, our focus will naturally be on green issues, we should aim to communicate and weave our concerns in line with the OSC process so that our concerns can be seen as relevant to all Singaporeans and the country as a whole, and not just the views of a small group of people.

We are inviting 64 representatives from the green community to join us for this session on 19 Jan. So far, we have confirmed representatives from these groups:

  1. Earth Hour Global
  2. Action for Singapore Dogs
  3. Singapore Institute of International Affairs
  4. Sustainable Living Lab
  5. Nature Trekker
  6. Green IT Chapter, Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation
  7. EART-H
  8. Centre for Sustainable Asian Cities
  9. Department of Geography, NUS
  10. Waterways Watch Society
  11. Residues & Resource Reclamation Centre
  12. Kranji Countryside Association
  13. Singapore Polytechnic Environment Club
  14. Energy Research Institute @ NTU
  15. Edible “Garden City” Project
  16. Energy Studies Institute
  17. Blue Water Volunteers
  18. Ground-Up Initiative
  19. SPCA
  20. Avelife
  21. Environmental Challenge Organisation (Singapore)
  22. Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore
  23. Environmental Rangers Club (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
  24. Conservation Interest Group (Republic Polytechnic)
  25. Environmental Management Association of Singapore
  26. Nature Society
  27. Singapore Green Building Council
  28. The Living! Project
  29. Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
  30. ITE College East Environment Club
  31. Cat Welfare Society
  32. Bachelor of Environmental Studies Student Committee (NUS)
  33. GEO Council (Nanyang Polytechnic)
  34. NIE Green Club
  35. Wildlife Conservation Society
  36. Green Kampong
  37. International Coastal Cleanup Singapore
  38. Raffles Museum Toddycats!
  39. The Hantu Bloggers
  40. WWF Singapore
  41. SMU verts
  42. 350 Singapore
  43. Naked Hermit Crabs
  44. Kampung Temasek
  45. TeamSeagrass
  46. Energy Carta (NUS)
  47. Hemispheres Foundation
  48. Green Drinks
  49. Keep Singapore Beautiful Movement
  50. Singapore Environment Council
  51. Wildsingapore
  52. EARTHlink NTU

Our SG Conversation is an opportunity for all Singaporeans, including the green community, to contribute our thoughts and discuss our vision of a better Singapore.

Join us for updates on the Our SG Conversation for the Green Community Facebook page, and share your views too!

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  1. Hi , as a part of green community , I’m trying to do an Eco-innovation program.
    Wish to have some opinion / support from community due to lack of experience in this field.

    Looking forward on the reply.
    Thank You

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