Our (Green) Singapore Conversation

Our Singapore Conversation (OSC) is the national conversation for Singaporeans to come together and discuss our vision and priorities as a country.

Several OSC sessions have already taken place and the dialogue sessions have been encouraging and positive, with many Singaporeans actively contributing their thoughts and sharing their vision for a better Singapore.

So far, we have not noticed much environmental issues and sustainability visions being discussed during the OSC sessions. We attended an OSC session and there really is not much discussions on our green vision and priorities.

The OSC would move on to the second phase next year, where common topics discussed during the previous OSC sessions would be consolidated and specific themes would be discussed. We feel that as the green voice is lacking in the current conversation, it is unlikely that the next phase would include discussions on the environment.

We believe that the green community would also be able to contribute and make a difference to this national conversation. The diverse views of the green community, which includes environmental NGOs and groups; individual environment, animal and wildlife activists; and environmental businesses, associations and research academics, would add an important voice to the overall conversation.

There are 2 things the green community can do to keep the green voice alive in the OSC:

1) You can participate in the OSC sessions and share your green views. Sign up for upcoming OSC sessions here.

2) We are planning to organise an OSC session for the green community, with the following objectives:

  • Allow the green community to come together and voice our thoughts and vision for Singapore
  • Input the views and discussions of the green community into the OSC process
  • Foster greater interaction and discussion among the green community on national issues

More details coming soon. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in helping out, do send us an email. Thanks!

Our Singapore Conversation is an opportunity for all Singaporeans, including the green community, to contribute our thoughts and discuss our vision of a better Singapore. Let us contribute actively and positively to this national conversation.

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