Water Efficiency Label

Choose Water Efficient Fittings and Appliances with the Water Efficiency Label

The Water Efficiency Label under the Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) is for water-efficient water fittings and appliance, such as showerheads, clothes washing machines, shower taps and mixers, basin taps and mixers, sink/bib taps and mixers, flushing cisterns, urinals and urinal flush valve. The Water Efficiency Label shows the water…

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A Guide to the Eco Labels in Singapore

Eco labels and certifications for products, services and facilities provide a certified green trustmark for consumers and businesses who wish to choose more environmentally-friendly alternatives and make the right choice. There are hundreds of eco labels in the global market. In Singapore, we have about 10 different eco or green…

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Reduce Your Water Consumption

Energy is required for potable water and wastewater treatment and transport, so reducing the amount of water consumed and discharged will help to lower the energy needed. Here are some tips to help you save water: Use Water Saving Products with the Water Efficiency Label Using water efficient low-flow taps…

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