How IKEA Embraces Sustainability Globally and in Singapore

May 24, 2011 by  
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Over 7 million people visited the two IKEA stores in Singapore last year. Singaporeans love IKEA for its affordable and well-designed home furnishing products, but not many realise that IKEA is also committed to sustainability.

At Green Business Singapore, we have always admired how IKEA conduct business while keeping in mind their environmental and social responsibilities. To give you an overview of how IKEA embraces sustainability, we will share with you the efforts of the IKEA Group and IKEA Singapore. Read more

Nokia Virtual Eco-Rountable

April 17, 2009 by  
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Nokia held its first Virtual Eco-Roundtable in Singapore last week and we were invited to attend the event and hear Nokia’s global and Southeast Asia Pacific (SEAP) executives speak on environmental sustainability and its commitment to the environment. The discussion was held in Nokia’s videoconference room, the Halo Room, as some speakers were presenting from the Nokia HQ in Finland.


The presentations and speakers include:

  • Introduction by Chris Carr, Vice President, Sales, SEAP
  • Nokia Environmental Strategy by Markus Terho, Director, Environmental Affairs, Markets
  • SEAP Environmental Programs by Francis Cheong, Regional Manager, Environmental Affairs, SEAP
  • Environmental Design by Tiina Karhu, Senior Specialist, Design Strategy, Nokia Design
  • Packaging Design by Ulla Uimonen, Head of Packaging Design, Nokia Design

We learned 2 key points from the Nokia Virtual Eco-Roundtable: 1) Nokia is Integrating Sustainability into the Business and 2) Nokia is Advocating Sustainable Choices. Read more