Nokia Virtual Eco-Rountable

Nokia held its first Virtual Eco-Roundtable in Singapore last week and we were invited to attend the event and hear Nokia’s global and Southeast Asia Pacific (SEAP) executives speak on environmental sustainability and its commitment to the environment. The discussion was held in Nokia’s videoconference room, the Halo Room, as some speakers were presenting from the Nokia HQ in Finland.


The presentations and speakers include:

  • Introduction by Chris Carr, Vice President, Sales, SEAP
  • Nokia Environmental Strategy by Markus Terho, Director, Environmental Affairs, Markets
  • SEAP Environmental Programs by Francis Cheong, Regional Manager, Environmental Affairs, SEAP
  • Environmental Design by Tiina Karhu, Senior Specialist, Design Strategy, Nokia Design
  • Packaging Design by Ulla Uimonen, Head of Packaging Design, Nokia Design

We learned 2 key points from the Nokia Virtual Eco-Roundtable: 1) Nokia is Integrating Sustainability into the Business and 2) Nokia is Advocating Sustainable Choices.

1. Nokia is Integrating Sustainability into the Business

Nokia’s environmental strategy involves materials management, energy efficiency, take-back and recycling. These principles are fully integrated into the business and green features are included across product range.


Nokia’s design approach is to observe then design, and to design devices for a long time use. They have also introduced new product and accessories that are free of PVC, phthalates and flame retardants.

Nokia is working continuously to minimize the amount of material used for their packaging. By using compact packaging from 2006 to 2008, they saved 99,000 tons of paper in user guidance and packaging material.

Nokia is also using recycled material and reducing plastic content in their packaging. 95% of Nokia packaging is paper based and can be recycled easily.


Nokia is reducing the energy consumed by mobile phone chargers in the no-load mode (charger is left connected to the mains). They are the first mobile device manufacturer to put alerts into their devices to remind users to unplug their chargers. Energy efficient chargers also reduce the energy consumed in the no-load mode by an average of 80%.

Nokia is also supporting the creation of a common phone charger interface that would help to minimise the need for mutiple chargers by different manufacturers.


Nokia is raising consumer awareness and encouraging people to recycle their old mobile phones. Nokia users can bring their phones back for recycling to around 5,000 Nokia Care Centres located in 85 countries.

Nokia’s Public Take Back Program is available in Singapore at all their Nokia Care Centres, and they accept used devices from all brands, as well as accessories, chargers and batteries from members of the public.


2. Nokia is Advocating Sustainable Choices

n86-8mp-eco-zone-2Nokia understands its responsibility of being a leader in the phone industry (estimated mobile phone subscriptions of 4 billion in 2010). With its wide reach, Nokia can influence many people and advocate sustainable choices through green services such as: Green Explorer, Eco zone and we:offset.

Green Explorer is a sustainable travel planner that is accessible via the web, a mobi site, or a widget that can be downloaded to a number of Nokia devices. The travel planning site offers sustainable choices such as destination overviews, green facts, commuting guide, Green City Guides and green travel news. Visit

Eco zone is preinstalled in many devices and available via the Download! service on the device. The downloadable eco applications give access to eco information, tips and services.

we:offset is the world’s first carbon emission offsetting tool that can be downloaded to mobile phones. Users can offset their carbon emissions from traveling with ClimateCare.


We think that more companies should learn from Nokia on sustainability, business responsibility and being open to discussion with stakeholders. Visit to explore more on what Nokia is doing for the environment.

Source and image credit: Nokia Singapore and Text 100.

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