New Panasonic Group strengthens its green commitment with ‘eco ideas’ Declaration 2011

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Panasonic Asia Pacific announced today its ‘eco ideas’ Declaration 2011, which strengthens its environmental commitment and builds upon last year’s declaration of becoming the “No. 1 Green Innovation Company” in the electronics industry by 2018.

‘eco ideas’ Declaration 2011

The ‘eco ideas’ Declaration 2011 in Asia Pacific is based on the new Panasonic Group with the acquisition of Sanyo, thus providing more eco products and holistic solutions to better meet the needs of consumers and businesses.

The new Managing Director of Panasonic Asia Pacific, Mr Yorihisa Shiokawa explains:

The ‘eco ideas’ Declaration outlines Panasonic’s green commitment towards making environment central to our business planning, as we demonstrate how going green can bring about positive impact for a company’s bottom-line. We are focusing on the important areas of environment and energy to provide comprehensive solutions in achieving higher business growth and to contribute towards a greener society.

The new declaration consists of 6 targets for ‘eco ideas’ for Lifestyles, to promote lifestyles with virtually zero CO2 emissions, and ‘eco ideas’ for Business-styles, to create businesses that make the best use of resources and energy. Read more

Energy Challenge Fair 2009

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1 energy challenge fair 1

The Energy Challenge Fair 2009 organised by NEA, took place over the weekend at the Marina Square Central Atrium, which showcase the latest energy efficient appliances and technology, tips on saving energy, and the various government initiatives on energy efficiency.

Here’s some photos taken at the fair (more photos at our Facebook page):

Exhibits and companies at the fair

2 energy challenge fair 2

Energy SAVE programme by HDB

3 hdb energy save 1

4 hdb energy save 3

Smart meters under the Electricity Vending System by EMA

5 ema smart meters 1

6 ema smart meters 2

7 ema smart meters 5

8 ema smart meters 4

Energy efficient household appliances

9 aircon 4-star energy label 1

10 fridge 3-star energy label

Energy meters by Efergy

11 efergy energy meter plug 1

12 efergy energy meters 1

Eneloop solar light by Sanyo

13 eneloop solar light 1

Energy efficient bamboo ceiling fan by Haiku

14 energy efficient ceiling fans (bamboo)