public consultation

3 recommendations to improve the consultation and co-creation process

Government agencies are conducting more consultations and dialogues with stakeholders and the public, and using the feedback and suggestions in policymaking, sometimes even co-creating solutions together. This consultative process is better than the top-down approach, though it is getting more difficult as issues become more dynamic and complex, and stakeholders…

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7 Suggestions for Public Consultation on Climate Change and Singapore

The government is conducting a public consultation for Singapore’s plan to reduce carbon emissions and promote green growth beyond 2020. You can give your feedback to the National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) by 31 Mar 2015. Here’s our suggestions that was submitted to NCCS: 1. Introduce basic carbon footprint reporting…

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12 Ideas for the National Climate Change Strategy 2012

The National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) is currently preparing the National Climate Change Strategy 2012 (NCCS-2012) publication, and is seeking public feedback and ideas. The NCCS-2012 will provide a framework and overall strategy for Singapore to tackle climate change, and will outline policies and measures to reduce emissions, cope with…

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