Peer-to-Peer Renting in Singapore with Rent Tycoons

October 8, 2013 by  
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Rent-TycoonsRent Tycoons is the first company in Singapore to provide a peer-to-peer renting platform for individuals and businesses to rent items to/from each other.

Fenni Wang and Swito Yuber, Co-Founders of Rent Tycoons, shared more about their company in this interview:

1) Why did you start Rent Tycoons? Were you influenced by the concept of Collaborative Consumption or the Sharing Economy?

We believe that a majority of people own more things that they actually need and it is evident in each household – a number of useful items sitting around idle in the storage room, etc. In the long run, such items become a form of clutter that fills up the house or get discarded eventually. Our initial idea was to give life to those idling items and reduce wastage!

The concept of Collaborative Consumption/Sharing Economy definitely resonates with Rent Tycoons. It is evident in our corporate vision: Collaborative consumption is a way of building environmentally sustainable communities. Our mission is to help people make money, save money and be green effortlessly! Read more