7 Habits of Green Conscious S’poreans

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OurĀ  letter was published in Today on 1 May 2012.

Earth Day was celebrated here and around the world on April 22 with events to remind us to do our part for the environment. After Earth Day, are we continuing our environmental efforts?

There are seven habits commonly found in people who are green conscious. We could learn these habits and take individual actions so that Earth Day becomes a daily event.

One, respect and renew our bond with nature and its biodiversity. Nature has much to teach us on how to live with the rest of life on Earth. Without this respect and bond, there will be no desire to protect nature. Start exploring nature areas such as Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Chek Jawa and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and join the guided walks.

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Source: Today

The 7 Habits of Green Conscious Singaporeans

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The 7 Habits of Green Conscious Singaporeans is a book published by Eugene Tay, the Director of Green Future Solutions.

If you wish to go green and take action, this book makes it easier for you. Eugene has compiled a list of 7 habits that are commonly found in people who are green conscious and environmentally aware. All of us can start learning these 7 habits now and take action to improve and protect the environment. The 7 habits include:

Habit 1: Respect nature and renew your bond
Habit 2: Improve your environmental awareness and knowledge
Habit 3: Reduce your environmental impact
Habit 4: Spread the green message and influence others
Habit 5: Support green initiatives and groups
Habit 6: Participate as an active citizen
Habit 7: Choose to be a responsible consumer Read more