Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing in Singapore with iCarsClub

October 8, 2013 by  
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iCarsClub is the first company in Singapore to provide a peer-to-peer car sharing scheme, where car owners can rent out their cars to drivers looking for temporary use of a car without having to own one.

Eddy Zhang, CEO and Co-Founder of iCarsClub, shared more about his company in this interview:

Why did you start iCarsClub? Were you influenced by the concept of Collaborative Consumption or the Sharing Economy?

iCarsClub-logoCars parked for days underutilized is both a waste of money and space. In addition to the land transport problem that Singapore currently faces, COE prices hitting the $90,000 mark means many car-owning dreams will be shattered.

We do want to make better use of the cars that are not on the road, saving our members money and doing our small bit to help the planet in the process. Furthermore, Singapore serves as a very good test bed for iCarsClub due to its strategic location and safe environment. Read more