7 questions to ask yourself before starting environmental projects or initiatives

For those starting environmental projects/initiatives (especially young people), ask yourselves these questions before you start:

1) What exactly are you trying to do or achieve? What’s your goals/objectives?

2) How do you measure and track to make sure you are meeting your goals/objectives?

3) How serious are you? Do you want to see real impacts, have fun, or meet school requirements?

4) How long are you willing to work on it and commit? 3 months, 1 year or 10 years?

5) Do you really understand the problems or the solutions that you are proposing? Do you know the difference between content and context?

6) Do you need a team or money to do it? What resources or advice do you need?

7) Are you duplicating the work already done by existing groups or the government? Is there a need to duplicate the work, and what/how can you value add or improve upon existing work?

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