Tips on nudging the government

We were asked how to lobby the government on environmental policies, our reply was first don’t use the word ‘lobby’, would prefer to call it nudge. Second, be positive and constructive, think win-win. Third, there’s no guarantee that you can influence the government but you can try these tips on nudging:

Ask Questions

Ask the relevant agencies questions about the policy you’re interested in and then listen carefully to the answers. Try to understand why things are done the current way. Seek first to understand then to be understood.

Propose Solutions

Think of possible solutions that are realistic for the relevant agencies to implement, yet meet the objectives you desire. Be constructive and build credibility, don’t just rant and blame.

Gather Support

Show the government that there is public support for the policy change, the more diverse the support, the better. Communicate progress on the support regularly to the relevant government gatekeepers.

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