Thoughts After Watching Disruption

Some of my thoughts after watching Disruption, the film about the People’s Climate March:

1) Framing

We must consider how we frame climate change. If we frame it as caused by an enemy (government, oil companies, etc), then we risk forgetting that the enemy is also us. It is our daily actions and consumption that cause the problem.

If the frame is about dark green or focusing on negativity, blaming the government and businesses, doom and gloom, polar bears are dying, we are dead, etc. This would just put people off and not inspire hope and action. The frame has to be more bright green or about solutions, technologies, behaviour change and individuals and businesses and governments coming together to take action. Imagining our bright green future is key to inspire change and action.

In addition, the frame should not just be about climate change, but also be on social justice, clean jobs, health and safety, etc. Climate change impacts multiple communities and groups so discussions have to be broader too.

2) Context

We must understand the context of a country or problem before deciding what to do and what can work. There are different approaches to take action and no one size fits all.

Don’t just say that the government is not doing anything, try to understand what and why the government is doing or not doing, and see how to work together to do it. Understand the context first and then see how to improve it.

3) Systemic Actions

Individual actions are important but systemic actions are important too. Think about systems and how to effect change through long-term policies and programmes.

How do we change the food and energy system? How do we change capitalism? If we want to end or change capitalism, we need to show a better and feasible alternative that can inspire people to change. A better way of living, working and consuming that is attractive.

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