Draft Campaign Strategy on Marine Trash in Singapore

Marine Trash at East Coast Park Beach

Here’s a draft proposal for a possible campaign on marine trash:

Campaign Name

For Clean Shores

Campaign Goal

Convince the government to appoint a lead agency (NEA or the new Municipal Services Office) to study the problem of marine trash and work with the relevant agencies to implement effective policies, programmes and infrastructure to reduce marine trash

Campaign Results

  • Lead agency appointed to study and reduce marine trash with involvement of stakeholders
  • Proper waste collection and disposal facilities and procedures are provided for fish farms and ships
  • Improved enforcement regime and waste disposal infrastructure for land and sea
  • Increased public awareness and action on marine trash

Campaign Tasks

1) Craft a constructive proposal to highlight the current problem, reasons why taking action is good for Singapore (clean and green; health and safety; tourism; cleaning costs), and propose recommendations and solutions to reduce marine trash

2) Set up a campaign website and social media accounts, with the call-to-action for individuals to sign an online pledge to recommend that the government appoint a lead agency to study and reduce marine trash

3) Partner with existing organisations and initiatives (e.g. ICCS, Waterways Watch, Project Blue Wave, Keep Singapore Beautiful Movement, etc), and influencers (bloggers, celebrities, sports stars, etc) to support and spread awareness on the campaign

4) Develop campaign materials such as photos and videos of individuals’ stories (Swimmers For Clean Shores; Moms For Clean Shores; Beachgoers For Clean Shores, etc), posters and online banners (AVA For Clean Shores?!; NEA For Clean Shores?!)

5) Conduct offline activities such as site visits to shores polluted with marine trash, beach cleanups, recycled marine trash art exhibitions, etc

6) Collect pledges and feedback progress regularly to relevant government agencies (send to NEA, NParks, AVA, MPA and PUB CEOs, and MEWR, MND and MOT Minister, Minister of State, and Permanent Secretary)

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