Ecosystem Singapore – Green Coworking Office Space for the Environment

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Ecosystem is a new collaborative and coworking space for the environment, and is a joint initiative between Green Future Solutions and Shft.

Ecosystem emulates the development of symbiotic relationships between organisations working in the environmental sector. It is a platform that allows organisations to have close and long-term interactions, generating larger network of people with common interests, more business opportunities and complementary expertise for each other.

Ecosystem space

The Ecosystem co-working office space near Bugis would be ready in March and we are looking for environmental startups, companies and organisations to join our community. We are offering an early bird rate for those who wish to sign up for a permanent table space and enjoy our services.

If you are looking for an office space for your green startup, check out and connect with us at or

1 thought on “Ecosystem Singapore – Green Coworking Office Space for the Environment

  1. Terrific, Eugene! I learned about you through Bhavani Prakash. Might you be up and running March 8th? We are hosting emerging ASEAN environmental leaders for an event that weekend. Great if they could see your space for inspiration.
    Feel free to email me.
    Christina Monroe / East-West Center (USA) /

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