10 More Days to The Green Singapore Sale 2012! [Press Release]

Get ready for one month of eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical shopping

Singapore, 12 June 2012 – The Green Singapore Sale 2012 will be held for the first time in Singapore from 22 June to 22 July 2012, with more than 50 retailers offering discounts and deals on green products and services. This online event is organised by Greenstore, Singapore’s first review and rating guide for green consumers.

In Singapore, there are two common barriers preventing consumers from choosing green products and services. One barrier is that consumers are not aware of the green products and services or not sure where to find them. The other barrier is that consumers think that green products and services tend to be more expensive.

To help remove these two barriers, Greenstore decided to organise The Green Singapore Sale (TGSS) as an online event to allow consumers to easily find and enjoy green products and services at a discount. It would be a month where consumers can explore green products and services, and enjoy discounts and deals.

Mr Eugene Tay, Founder of Greenstore, shares: “Everyone is aware of the annual Great Singapore Sale, which is from 25 May to 22 July this year. We thought it would be great if we could have something similar within that sale period for green conscious shoppers and to support local green retailers.”

From 22 June to 22 July, retailers would commit to offer discounts and deals on their green products and services. Greenstore will list them on a map at the TGSS website so that consumers can easily find the location of the retailers and the discounts they are offering.

Through this online event, Greenstore hopes to connect green consumers and retailers, through informing consumers on the green products and services offered by the various green retailers in Singapore, and helping the green retailers reach out to those consumers interested in purchasing eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical products and services that are better for themselves, the community and the environment.

More than 50 retailers have signed up to participate in TGSS and are offering discounts and deals on non-toxic beauty cosmetics and cleaning products, organic clothing, recycled accessories, vegetarian and organic food, waterless car wash, home energy audits, and more. See Annex A for the list of participating retailers.

In addition, 14 organisations and groups are supporting TGSS as Partners and helping to spread the message on the inaugural event. The Partners include:

1. Asia Pacific LOHAS, http://www.lohas-asia.org/
2. Eco Walk the Talk, http://www.ecowalkthetalk.com/
3. Green Drinks Singapore, http://sggreendrinks.wordpress.com/
4. Green Issues, http://www.greenissuessingapore.blogspot.com/
5. Green Kampong, http://www.greenkampong.com/
6. Hub Singapore, http://thehub.sg/
7. Little Green Dot, http://ourlittlegreendot.com/
8. NUSSU SAVE, http://www.facebook.com/#!/nusfightsclimatechange
9. SaferSkin, http://saferskin.org/
10. SMU verts, https://www.facebook.com/SMUverts
11. THE HUB by LOHAS, http://thehub.lohas.com/
12. Vegetarian Society (Singapore), http://www.vegetarian-society.org/
13. VeggieThursday, http://www.veggiethursday.sg/
14. VegVibe, http://vegvibe.com/

Greenstore hopes that TGSS would be a first step towards Singaporeans making a conscious choice to be a green consumer and support local green businesses. Eugene adds that: “The Green Singapore Sale 2012 is your chance to be a green conscious shopper, support local green businesses, and buy green products that benefit you, your family, the community, and the environment. But always think twice before buying. Buy only what you need.”

Visit TGSS website at http://www.greensingaporesale.com/.


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