Avoid Cleaning Too Much

We feel that it’s not necessary to be clean and spotless at all times. It’s ok to be slightly “dirty”, and help save water and energy, reduce the use of chemicals, and avoid over-exposure to chemicals.

You may not agree with us but we think cleanliness can be overlooked occasionally. We think it’s ok to:



1) Wear the same clothes for a few days if there’s no stain or smell; just hang them out under the sun and wear them the next day.

2) Sweep your floor using a broom instead of using the vacuum cleaner; there’s no need to suck up every little bit of dust.

3) Mop your floor once a week and not daily; just remember to wash your feet immediately when you reach home.

4) Clean the kitchen and toilet once a week or fortnightly and use less chemicals; there’s no need to see the kitchen and toilet spotless and sparkling like in commercials.

5) Collect rainwater and use it for flushing the toilet, watering the plants, and washing the car; there’s no need to use clean potable water.

6) Wash your car using only water; there’s no need to use chemicals and polish it to look brand new.

7) Take a quick shower within 15 minutes, and not spend hours making yourself spotless.



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