Singapore’s Second National Communication on Climate Change Report to the UNFCCC Secretariat

NCCC - Report CoverSingapore submitted its Second National Communication on Climate Change report to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat in Nov 2010. The report is an update of the first National Communication report submitted in 2000, and details the strategies for managing sustainable growth and climate change in Singapore.

The national reports are required for Parties to the Convention to submit to the Conference of the Parties (COP), and serve to provide a consistent, comparable, accurate and complete account of action being taken by Parties to the Convention to address climate change in their own country.

The report reiterates Singapore’s constraints, being:

  • a small, densely populated urban city-state
  • energy-poor and alternative energy disadvantaged
  • an export-oriented economy

But it also points out Singapore’s sustainable growth:

NCCC - Sustainable Growth

The report shows that Singapore’s greenhouse gas emissions for 2000 is 38,789.97 Gg CO2-equivalent, and CO2 accounted for 97.3% of total emissions. Singapore’s 2000 National Greenhouse Gas Inventory is shown below:

NCCC - GHG Inventory

The report highlights Singapore’s vulnerability and adaptation measures, including commissioning a vulnerability study to determine the likely long-term effects of climate change on Singapore, such as rainfall patterns, sea levels, extreme weather conditions, building energy consumption, public health, and biodiversity. The study findings will serve to identify new adaptation measures and review existing measures.

The report also highlights Singapore’s key mitigation measures:

  1. Adopt less carbon-intensive fuels such as natural gas
  2. Increase energy efficiency across households, industry, buildings, and transport sectors (driven by the Energy Efficiency Programme Office)
  3. Invest in research and development for clean energy such as solar energy

Click here to download Singapore’s Second National Communication on Climate Change (2010).

Source and images credit: MEWR and NEA

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