Green Business Practices for Dummies

green-business-practices-for-dummies-coverAuthor: Lisa Swallow

ISBN: 978-0-470-39339-0

Paperback; 384 pages

Recommended Retail Price: SGD 38.47 (including GST)

Available at all major bookstores

Book Review

Green Business Practices for Dummies is a practical and hands-on guide to help your company implement green practices throughout your organisation. It covers the creation of a sustainability vision and plan, the implementation of sustainability practices, involving stakeholders in your efforts, and measuring and reporting the results.

First, you will learn about the business case for sustainability, and understand the opportunities and challenges in going green. The book also helps you develop a sustainability plan for your company, including conducting a SWOT analysis, creating green goals, and planning initiatives to reach them.

Second, the book shows you what is needed to start implementing the green practices in your company. It includes greening your daily office practices, product development, production processes, building and facilities, and accounting and investment practices.

Third, you will learn about involving relevant stakeholders in your sustainability efforts, how to market to green consumers and promote your green products or services, working with non-profit organisations, and engaging your employees with green HR practices.

The last part of the book discusses the relevant standards and certifications available in the green market, shows you how to gather data and measure your organisation’s progress, and prepares you to create a sustainability report for your stakeholders.

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