A Peek into Green Personal Mobility

Take a peek into some green personal mobility products below. On the growing trend of green personal mobility, companies need to ask themselves: Are we ready to tap on this trend? Are there opportunities or threats?

Personal Transport Mobility

Use your own personal transport to move around. No more travelling by cars or waiting for taxis. Toyota has developed the personal mobile transporter called the Winglet, which is more compact than the Segway. The Winglet comes in three sizes and can cruise at a maximum speed of 6 km/h. It’s powered by an electric motor that takes only 1 hour to charge. Watch the video below for a demo.

Portable Renewable Energy

Use your own portable renewable energy gadget to power laptops and handphones. No more looking for wall sockets or running out of batteries. At the Greener Gadgets 2008 conference, several new portable renewable energy gadgets were unveiled. These mobile green gadgets include: handheld wind and solar chargers, kinetic energy devices, longer life lithium-ion batteries, and micro fuel cell. Watch this video for a short introduction of the gadgets. For the full video (47 mins) of the presentations and discussions, click here.

Source: Akihabara News via The Guardian and TreeHugger; Inhabitat. Image credit: Akihabara News.

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