Environmental Talks, Sustainability Workshops and Green Tours

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Green Future Solutions - Talks, Workshops and Tours

Green Future Solutions provides customised education and training services for different audience. Here’s the talks, workshops and tours that we can conduct.


If you are looking for a speaker to educate your employees or share about environmental topics at your corporate event, we are available for speaking opportunities on these topics:

  1. Waste Minimisation and Recycling
  2. Energy and Climate Change
  3. Green Strategies for Businesses
  4. Sustainable Singapore
  5. The Sharing Economy in Singapore
  6. Circular Economy in Singapore
  7. The Seven Habits of Green Conscious Singaporeans


If you are looking for a trainer to conduct training for your employees or participants on sustainability topics, or conduct hands-on craft and DIY demonstrations, we are available to conduct these workshops:

  1. How to Green Your Business
  2. Implementing an Eco-Office Programme
  3. Organising Sustainable Events
  4. Engaging Employees in CSR
  5. ISO14001 Environmental Management System
  6. Environmental Aspects and Impacts
  7. Environmental, Health and Safety Laws in Singapore
  8. Upcycling of Waste Material into Useful Items
  9. Lamp Making from Unwanted Wooden Pallets
  10. Making Glass Decorations from Unwanted Glass Bottles


If you are looking to organise a tour or visit to educate your employees or participants about environmental topics, we can help to facilitate tours to places related to these topics:

  1. Waste Management and Recycling
  2. Green Buildings
  3. Water Management
  4. Energy and Climate Change
  5. Nature and Biodiversity

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Our talks, workshops and tours are tailored for each audience and format. For enquiries and fees, contact us via email at eugene@greenfuture.sg or via our contact form.