The Sustainability Toolkit

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The Sustainability Tookit coverBy Bhavani Prakash

How do Singapore based companies engage their employees around sustainability and CSR? This was the question that prompted me to interview eleven organisations over a four month period to share bright spots that other companies could emulate. The result: an online 42 page resource entitled, ‘The Sustainability Toolkit: A framework for engaging employees for CSR – Using best practices from Singapore based organisations, that is available for free download here.

Why engage employees in CSR: The Business Case

There is increasing pressure on companies from a range of stakeholders to operate in a manner that is socially and environmentally responsible. Companies who respond proactively rather than reactively to legislative and stakeholder pushes, are more likely to experience several benefits. In particular, as research shows, organisations that engage their employees in the process are more likely to:

  • Attract quality talent who want to work with responsible companies
  • Retain quality talent as it improves employee loyalty
  • Lowers absenteeism with improved engagement levels
  • Innovate more for competitive advantage, as employees are a source of ideas for sustainability
  • Maintain their reputation and branding, as employees are the touch points with customers, suppliers and members of the public, and reflect the company’s culture

7 key elements surfaced in our interviews with the 11 Singapore based organisations that are important for engaging employees in CSR: Read more