2015 Guide to Singapore Government Funding and Incentives for the Environment

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2015 Guide to Singapore Government Funding and Incentives for the Environment Singapore is well-known as a clean and green city with the government striving for environmental sustainability while growing the economy. The government has also identified Environmental and Water Technologies including Clean Energy as strategic areas where Singapore has a competitive edge and which could generate future economic growth.

To accelerate the growth of the environmental industry and to maintain Singapore’s image as a City in a Garden, the government has initiated several funding and incentive schemes related to energy efficiency and clean energy, green buildings and construction, water and environmental technologies, green transport and shipping, waste minimisation, environmental initiatives, and capability development.

To help businesses understand what’s available, we have compiled a list of 35 government funding and incentives for the environment:

  1. Energy Efficiency Improvement Assistance Scheme (EASe)
  2. Grant for Energy Efficient Technologies (GREET)
  3. One-Year Accelerated Depreciation Allowance for Energy Efficient Equipment and Technology (ADAS)
  4. Design for Efficiency Scheme (DfE)
  5. Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM) Training Grant
  6. iSPRINT
  7. Energy Innovation Research Programme (EIRP)
  8. Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Documentation Grant
  9. Building Retrofit Energy Efficiency Financing (BREEF) Scheme
  10. Green Mark Incentive Scheme for Existing Buildings (GMIS-EB)
  11. Green Mark Incentive Scheme – Design Prototype (GMIS-DP)
  12. Green Mark Gross Floor Area Incentive Scheme (GM-GFA)
  13. Green Mark Incentive Scheme for Existing Buildings and Premises (GMIS-EBP)
  14. MND Research Fund for the Built Environment
  15. A*STAR-MND Joint Grant Call for Green Building R&D
  16. Skyrise Greenery Incentive Scheme (SGIS)
  17. Sustainable Construction Capability Development Fund (SC Fund)
  18. Quieter Construction Fund (QCF)
  19. Water Efficiency Fund (WEF)
  20. Fast-Track Environmental and Water Technologies Incubator Scheme (Fast-Tech)
  21. TechPioneer Scheme
  22. Environment and Water Research Programme (EWRP)
  23. Technology Enterprise Commercialisation Scheme (TECS)
  24. Innovation for Environmental Sustainability (IES) Fund
  25. Carbon Emissions-Based Vehicle Scheme (CEVS)
  26. Green Technology Programme
  27. Green Ship Programme
  28. Green Port Programme
  29. 3R Fund
  30. Environment Technology Research Programme (ETRP)
  31. 3P Partnership Fund
  32. Call for Ideas Fund (CIF)
  33. HDB Greenprint Fund
  34. Capability Development Grant (CDG)
  35. Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV)

If we missed out any funding or incentive scheme, do let us know. Thanks! Read more