Intraix’s Darrell Zhang shares his thoughts on energy data and visualization

October 20, 2013 by  
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By Jovin Hurry

The recent Techventure 2013 was an excellent occasion for leading members of the venture capital, private equity and angel investor community, industry leaders and experienced incubation managers to network, exchange ideas and develop business plans while indulging in a showcase of technology innovation and enterprise in the region.

Green Business Singapore attended the Clean Energy Session for a Panel Discussion on “Sustainable cloud platforms and services – How are companies building cleaner and greener systems that are environmentally sustainable?” The moderator was Sameer Narula, Managing Partner, August Capital Partners and the panellists were: Clement Goh, Managing Director, Equinix Asia South; Darrell Zhang, Co-founder, Intraix; Deepak Jeevan Kumar, Principal, General Catalyst Partners; Sarah Montgomery, Director, Client Solutions, Asia, Opower; and Timothee Cruse, CTO, Smove.

After the session, we caught up with panellist Darrell Zhang, Co-founder, Intraix, to dig more on the new thinking he wants to see become the new normal. Read more