Singapore Green Landscape 2020 – Green Websites

Singapore Green Landscape 2020

Green Future is keeping track of the green organisations and groups, and the sustainability industry in Singapore through our 9th edition of the Singapore Green Landscape.

The Singapore Green Landscape 2020 highlights the key government reports that are related to sustainability, and introduces the non-governmental organisations, non-profits and social enterprises; green groups; business associations and groups; green websites and events; government agencies; and institutes and centres in Singapore, which are relevant to the environment.

We hope that this publication is useful for everyone who wish to know more about the state of the environment in Singapore, find and connect with the environmental organisations in Singapore, or explore personal and business opportunities.

Here is a list of 35 websites, blogs and events in Singapore that cover nature and environmental topics.


Agy Textile Artist

Agy Textile Artist is the website of Agatha Lee “Agy”, a textile artist specialising in embroidery based in Singapore.

Asian Geographic Magazine

Asian Geographic Magazine celebrates Asia’s diversity, covering environmental issues, science, exploration, travel, heritage, arts and cultures.

Beauty of Fauna and Flora in Nature

Beauty of Fauna and Flora in Nature is a blog recording sightings of some of the fascinating and beautiful creatures especially butterflies, dragonflies and plants in nature.


Beetles@SG is a platform for the sharing of information and knowledge on beetles found in Singapore.

Bugs & Insects of Singapore

Bugs & Insects of Singapore is a blog on nature macro photography of bugs, insects and wildlife.


ButterflyCircle is an online community of passionate butterfly enthusiasts who share a common interest in Nature’s flying jewels.

BYO Singapore

The Bring Your Own (BYO) Singapore movement by Zero Waste SG highlights retailers who are offering incentives, disincentives or active customer education and engagement, to encourage customers to bring their own reusable bags, bottles or containers, and reduce single-use disposables.

Celebrating Singapore Shores

Celebrating Singapore Shores is a platform that brings together the Singapore marine community to celebrate all our shores: from mangroves to seagrasses, rocky shores to reefs, even our living artificial shores.

EarthFest Singapore

EarthFest Singapore is a sustainable, fun, and inspirational festival for all ages that features a planet-friendly food fair, live music, games, screenings, and talks.


Eco-Business is Asia Pacific’s leading media organisation on sustainable development.

Ecology Asia

Ecology Asia is a website for information related to the wildlife of Southeast Asia.

Energy Efficient Singapore

Energy Efficient Singapore is a website run by the Energy Efficiency Programme Office (E2PO), which is led by NEA and EMA, and promotes and facilitates the adoption of energy efficiency in Singapore.

Flying Fish Friends

Flying Fish Friends is a blog by botanist, Joseph Lai, on nature and biodiversity.

Gaia Discovery

Gaia Discovery is an online lifestyle publication designed to give people worldwide an insight into sustainable development and responsible tourism.

Green Culture Singapore

Green Culture Singapore is a gardening website and discussion forum for the community of plant lovers, by plant lovers.

Green Mark Buildings Directory

The Green Mark Buildings Directory lists the Green Mark certified buildings in Singapore and overseas.

Greenpeace Singapore

Greenpeace Singapore is a local page of Greenpeace, a global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace.

Green Warehouse

Green Warehouse is a group that encourages reusing, recycling and repurposing materials which have outlived their initial intent.


LepakInSG is an informal environmental group that runs an online calendar of environmental events, and organises offline activities to raise action and awareness about various environmental issues.

Macro Photography in Singapore

Macro Photography in Singapore is a website presenting the amazing insects, spiders and other micro fauna from Singapore and around the world.

MND Singapore

MND Singapore is the blog of the National Development Minister Lawrence Wong, where he hopes to share some of his thoughts and considerations on MND-related issues in Singapore, and reach out to all stakeholders.

My Nature Experiences

My Nature Experiences is a blog sharing interesting facts, photos and thoughts about national parks, national reserves and other trails in Singapore and beyond.

Save Food Cut Waste

Save Food Cut Waste is a ground-up campaign by Zero Waste SG educating individuals, businesses and organisations in Singapore about the environmental and social impacts of food waste, and encouraging everyone to take action in reducing food waste.

Singapore Eco Film Festival

Singapore Eco Film Festival is an inspirational event of eco-focused films, insightful panel discussions, activities, workshops and talks.

Singapore Environmental Industry Directory

The Singapore Environmental Industry Directory is a resource specially catered for the environmental community in the areas of clean/sustainable energy, pollution control, waste management and recycling, water and wastewater treatment, green products and professional services.

Singapore Freecycle Network

The Singapore Freecycle Network aims to reduce waste by connecting people who are giving goods to others who are seeking the same goods.

SG Free Recycle

SG Free Recycle is a group for anyone who wish to bless any item that is still in good condition.

Singapore Neighbourhood Freecycle

Singapore Neighbourhood Freecycle is a group that hopes to bring across the freecycle idea to each neighborhood in Singapore.

Sisters’ Islands Marine Park

The Sisters’ Islands Marine Park blog shares photos, stories and ideas for Singapore’s first Marine Park.

Sustainable Solutions Network

Sustainable Solutions Network aims to be an accessible resource for all environmental stakeholders in Singapore.

The Pangolin Story

The Pangolin Story introduces pangolins and the threats they face to the people of Singapore and the rest of Asia.

The Plant Observatory

The Plant Observatory is a pictorial database of plants found in Singapore.

Wild Shores of Singapore

Wild Shores of Singapore is a blog where Ria Tan shares photos and stories about the wild shores and marine life in Singapore.


Wildsingapore is a one-stop website for those who want to learn about our wild places and do more for them.

Wildsingapore News

Wildsingapore news is a compilation of media and blog entries about nature and the environment that might be of interest to Singaporeans.


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