Give up hope

12 years ago on 7 July 2007, Al Gore held the Live Earth show, with artists across 7 continents performing and spreading awareness on climate change.

We wrote to the papers to express concern about what will happen after Live Earth. Will more people be concerned about climate change and start taking action?

We wrote the following:

If there is one message to remember after watching Live Earth, it is this – Give up hope. Give up hope that everything will turn out fine. Give up hope that Al Gore, Madonna or Linkin Park will save us from climate change. Give up hope that the government will do something for us. Give up hope that the person beside you will do something. Give up hope that some new technology will save us. Give up hope because when hope dies, action begins.

When we give up hope that somebody or something will save us, we have no choice but to take things into our own hands. We have to do it ourselves, and everyone can and must do something. It is not science, technology or governments that are creating this climate change problem but each individual. Let us stop pointing the finger at others and take action ourselves now. We can take the following actions:

One, learn more about climate change. Read up on local and global climate change issues. What are the problems and what needs to be done?

Two, take personal actions to minimise energy usage and wastage. Switch off lights and computers when not in use. Use more efficient lightings and appliances.

Three, spread the message and influence others. We can educate family members, friends, classmates or colleagues on climate change. We can influence the organisation that we belong, whether it is a school, a company or a social group, to reduce its carbon footprint.

Four, support local environmental initiatives and groups that tackle climate change. We can participate in government initiatives and campaigns or support the local environmental non-governmental organisations. We can join their activities or volunteer our time with them.

Five, use our rights as citizens and consumers. As citizens, we can participate in the formulation of government policies regarding climate change through dialogues, feedback or the media. As consumers, we can buy products with smaller carbon footprints or support companies that reduce their carbon emissions.

Remember after watching Live Earth: Give up hope. When hope dies, action begins.

Similarly, after the SG Climate Rally this Sat, we would tell those who joined: Give up hope. Because when hope dies, action begins.

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