Meet 10 Clean Tech Companies in Singapore and Australia

Solar panels reflecting the sky by DebbieMous

The 2013 winners and finalists of the Australian Cleantech Competition came to Singapore recently to identify business opportunities and technology collaboration with local companies and establish business contacts.

In order to introduce the Australian companies to the Singapore clean tech companies, Autodesk organised a clean tech networking reception for them to network and explore the various businesses and technologies available in both countries. Autodesk is a sponsor of the Australian Cleantech Competition.

Autodesk has been supporting clean tech startups with its Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program, which was launched 2 years ago to provide design software solutions for clean tech companies at a subsidised rate.

John O’Brien, Managing Director, Australian CleanTech, shared that the competition is in its third year and had about 150 entries, which was shortlisted to 30 companies. The companies are given extensive business mentoring and the aim is to help them to be successful.

In this trip to Singapore, John explained that the Australian companies are looking for: partners in manufacturing, distribution or market development; investors to help build manufacturing facilities; and potential sales here.

Here are the clean tech companies from Australia:

1. BluGlass Ltd (Australian Winner 2013 and Manufacturing Cleantech Award Winner)

BluGlass is bringing to market a breakthrough in the LED lighting and solar industries called Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition. The technology enables manufacturers to produce higher performing devices at lower cost and with less environmental impact.

2. Global Future Solutions (Mining Cleantech Award Winner)

Global Future Solutions is a biotechnology company producing environmentally friendly products for the oil and gas, poultry, life sciences and sanitisation industries.

3. RayGen Resources (Finalist)

RayGen provides a lowest cost solar technology that combines efficient solar cells with mirrors.

4. Silenceair (Semi-Finalist)

Silenceair has developed a new building ventilation system, which keeps out the noise and is low cost and energy efficient.

5. PTronik (Semi-Finalist)

PTronik has developed a technology to significantly improve efficiency in industrial dust collectors, by collecting and using real time plant data to automatically monitor and control the cleaning process thereby optimising plant performance.

6. Uniflow Power (Semi-Finalist)

Uniflow has developed a generator that is biomass fuelled, and the steam driven engine produces 5kW of electricity, rotary mechanical power, steam, hot water, and other heating services.

Several cleantech companies in Singapore were also present at the networking reception, including:

7. BioMachines

BioMachines develops environmental monitoring solutions for remote locations such as the forestry and agriculture sector, and for urban studies and geotechnical research.

8. Greenlots

Greenlots offers intelligent charging infrastructure and management solutions for electric vehicles.

9. GCoreLab

GCoreLab provides thermal management solutions for various applications, such as for electric vehicles and wind turbines.

10. ZEB-Technology

ZEB-Technology is a green building consultancy firm that supports sustainable building practices, including establishing performance benchmarks and indicators, energy and solar modeling, and working on Green Mark projects.

Navin Kumar, Sustainability and Clean Tech Market Development Manager, ASEAN, Autodesk, said that the Singapore government is really pushing for clean tech companies. The expansion for this region is amazing with the focus on clean technology and venture capitalists looking to fund clean tech companies, so the opportunities are in this region.

The 10 clean tech companies from Singapore and Australia listed here give a snippet of the clean technology solutions provided by companies in this region. Asia definitely needs more such companies to provide sustainable solutions for our environmental challenges.

Source credit: 2013 Finalists, Australian Cleantech Competition

Image credit: Solar panels reflecting the sky by DebbieMous

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