Workshop on Free Web Tools for Green NGOs

We are conducting a free workshop for those working in environmental NGOs and green groups or non-profits, which aims to provide a basic overview and tips on using free web tools to help organisations do better in their work. The topics covered include:

  1. Listen to your stakeholders (how to use Google Alerts, Google Trends, and Feedly)
  2. Creating and maintaining your website or blog (about WordPress, plugins, writing and SEO)
  3. Using email newsletter (how to use Mailchimp)
  4. Sharing and engagement with your audience (tips for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn)
  5. Tracking website statistics (using Google Analytics)
  6. Bonus: Tips on creating and managing campaigns

Date: 24 Oct 2013, Thursday
Time: 7-9pm
Venue: Ecosystem, 3 Jalan Kledek, Singapore 199259 (

This workshop is free and only open to staff from environmental NGOs and green groups or non-profits based in Singapore. Limited to one person from each organisation.

This workshop is conducted by Eugene Tay, Director of Green Future Solutions. He is a sustainability consultant and maven who likes to spread the environmental message and inspire others to take action.

Register at to attend the workshop. We will contact you to confirm whether your registration is successful, thanks!

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