Slides for Collaborative Consumption in Singapore

We presented on Collaborative Consumption in Singapore at Ecosystem’s first sharing session on Earth Day 22 Apr, together with companies, Rent Tycoons and iCarsClub.

We shared with the community at Ecosystem about Collaborative Consumption, which refers to the idea of sharing that is empowered by technology and social networks. Sharing also covers renting, swapping, lending, trading, exchanging, bartering, and gifting.

Here’s our presentation slides on Die Die Must Share – Collaborative Consumption in Singapore:

4 thoughts on “Slides for Collaborative Consumption in Singapore

  1. Hi, would be great if you could share the slides (make available for download on Slideshare).

    Talk about “die die must share” first thing I want to share your slides already cannot? Please be more reasonable =)


      1. Hi Mr Eugene Tay,

        Very good uploads! I’ve been trying to contact you for a proposal i have in mind. I left a message at the greenfuturesolutions website of yours. Look forward to hearing from you.

        Best Regards.

  2. Hi Visit my design research portal with many links about sustainability.
    Please share with your peers, designers, and teachers.

    Thanks! Best!

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