Die Die Must Share – Collaborative Consumption in Singapore

Join Ecosystem on Earth Day this 22 Apr for their first sharing session and learn more about Collaborative Consumption! Ecosystem is a new collaborative and coworking space for the environment.

Ecosystem has invited 3 speakers to share on Collaborative Consumption, which refers to the idea of sharing that is empowered by technology and social networks. Sharing also covers renting, swapping, lending, trading, exchanging, bartering, and gifting.

1) Collaborative Consumption in Singapore

by Eugene Tay, Co-founder of Ecosystem and Director of Green Future Solutions

Eugene will speak on the emerging trend of Collaborative Consumption, and share examples of companies involved in Collaborative Consumption in Singapore.

Visit http://www.greenfuture.sg/

2) Rent Tycoons

by Swito Yuber, CEO of Rent Tycoons

Rent Tycoons is the leading online peer-to-peer rental marketplace in Singapore with over 11 product categories. The idea is to harness value out of idling capacity and empowering individuals to participate in this green effort. Collaborative consumption takes the center stage in this business and the corporate mission is to enable individuals to make money, save money and be green effortlessly!

Visit http://www.renttycoons.com/

3) iCarsClub

by Jamie Wang, Co-founder and Director of iCarsClub

iCarsClub is an online marketplace that allows car owners to monetize their “free” car time through its car sharing scheme. Drivers who want to rent out their car when it’s free can do so, and those in need of a car nearby can find one. The platform creates a win-win situation by both lowering the costs of owning a car for owners, and rentees can also have the luxury of driving a car when the occasion arises without shouldering the burden of owning one.

Visit http://icarsclub.com/

If you’re attending this sharing session, register your attendance at the Ecosystem Facebook event page.

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