Try Carpooling and Carsharing

Carpooling and carsharing allows you to enjoy the benefits of a car without having to own one.


Carsharing allows you the freedom of using a car as and when you want it, without the worries of car ownership. You can book the car and collect it at selected locations.

Check out these carsharing schemes:

Car Club


Carpooling is the shared use of a car between someone who has a car and those who wants to share the ride. You can also share a taxi ride.

For carpooling or taxipooling opportunities, check out:

Carpool King

MyRideBuddy is the first dynamic and real time carpooling solution in Singapore. MyRideBuddy matches users near common start and end points or en route drop-off points, so that they can share a car ride together according to their convenience and preferences.

All you need to do is to state when you want to carpool, and the start and end points. MyRideBuddy will automatically match partners and send you the required information via email and SMS. It will also inform you about the time of the pick up, the location and the car and ride partner details.

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