Remote Energy Monitoring Web Service Launched at Schneider Electric Inspiration 2011

At the recent Schneider Electric Inspir@tion 2011 exhibition and seminars held in Singapore, Schneider Electric presented its latest energy management solutions. One innovative solution launched at the exhibition is the Remote Energy Monitoring (REM) service, a web-based service that allows companies to measure and report on the energy usage in a specified facility in Singapore.

The REM service is a web-based subscription service, and any company can simply log in to the service via a web browser, without using expensive equipment or additional manpower. The web browser can be accessed via computers, smartphones and even on iPads.

Users can use the REM service to monitor the energy consumption of a building, plant or facility, and have fine-grained information down to specific devices, departments, and time. With the information, companies can analyse the energy usage and implement measures to change user behavior and save energy.

This simple and cost effective service typically costs less than 5% of a company’s monthly utilities bill, and the company could save up to 30% on the bill through active energy management.

Some features of the REM service:

The Schneider Electric Inspir@tion 2011 exhibition also showcased various energy efficient solutions that can be implemented for various work settings, such as in the Control Room, the Plant Room, the Power Room, and the Data Centre. One new solution is the Altivar 212 (ATV212), a dedicated HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) variable speed drive for pumps, fans and compressors. The ATV212 increases the energy efficiency of HVAC systems and could potentially result in 30% energy savings and 15% cost reductions.

Images credit: Schneider Electric

[This article was first published at Green Business Singapore]

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