The First Green Backpacker Lodge Opens in Singapore

Green-conscious backpackers can finally find a suitable eco-friendly lodge to stay in Singapore. Tree In Lodge is a new backpacker hostel with several green practices to reduce its environmental impacts and to satisfy environmentally-responsible backpackers and travelers.

Opened a few weeks ago, Tree In Lodge is founded by two entrepreneurs, SK and Yong, who are both avid backpackers. Both of them have traveled around the world, and are impressed by the green practices and culture in other countries. Through their travels, they also stayed in eco lodges, which are common in other countries.

Back in Singapore, they saw a lack of green lodges for backpackers and decided to start one to meet the needs of backpackers. SK and Yong hope that their green lodge would help educate travelers to be more aware of the environment and allow them to get the chance to have a meaningful and responsible trip.

Besides implementing several green practices in the lodge, they would also provide information on local nature attractions, ecotourism operators and green businesses in Singapore. Here are some green practices found at Tree In Lodge:

  • Using energy efficient appliances with the Energy Label, and energy saving light bulbs
  • Using water efficient products with the Water Efficiency Label, and using low-flow aerators for taps in the toilets and kitchen
  • Providing recycling bins for paper, plastics, metal and glass
  • Recycling of toner and ink cartridges, and electronic equipment through proper channels
  • Providing filtered water for refilling of water bottles
  • Using non-toxic cleaning products with the Green Label
  • Using eco-friendly plasterboard with the Green Label during renovations
  • Reusing furniture and items from Salvation Army, such as cups, bowls, chairs and tables
  • Providing a used book collection library
  • Using eco-friendly pest control service
  • Using green laundromat service
  • Providing double-sided photocopying/printing service
  • Providing bicycle storage facilities
  • Not using styrofoam and plastic cups

Let’s take a look around the green lodge:

If you are traveling to Singapore or have visitors coming here, do check out the green lodge or contact Tree In Lodge at:

No.2 Tan Quee Lan Street
Level 02, Unit No. 02-01
Singapore 188091

Tel: +(65) 68845512

Images credit: Tree In Lodge (Tree In Lodge logo; the beds with curtains; shower under 5mins; cycle or walk short trips; kitchen; wash only when u NEED; can it be recycled)

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