Green Future Solutions Supports The Green Corridor and Develops New Campaign Website

Support The Green Corridor

On 1 Jul 2011, the Malayan Railway Land will be returned to Singapore for development. Nature Society (Singapore) (NSS) submitted a proposal, The Green Corridor: A Proposal to Keep the Railway Lands as a Continuous Green Corridor, to the relevant government agencies on 21 Oct 2010. NSS proposes to retain the current KTM Railway Land as a Green Corridor after the train operations cease. The proposal can be viewed at

At Green Future Solutions, we see the potential of The Green Corridor and support the proposal. We agree with the NSS’s views that:

There are so many compelling reasons to preserve the Railway Land as a Green Corridor. It is readymade Nature Corridor, Recreational Space, Eco-friendly transport route all rolled into one. It is a valuable piece of ecological and historical heritage that should be preserved for future generations of Singaporeans.

To gather support for The Green Corridor, we created the ‘We support The Green Corridor in Singapore’ Facebook page in Nov 2010, which has about 1,460 supporters so far. It’s now 3 months to the closure and return of the railway lands on 1 Jul. Time is running out as we wait for the government’s reply on the proposal.

We decided to step up our efforts and to develop a new campaign website for The Green Corridor. The new campaign website at was launched on 8 Apr, and serves to:

1. Gather support for The Green Corridor and unite supporters (broadening the support base to include non-Facebook users, businesses and organisations)

2. Show the government that there is public interest and support for The Green Corridor (sending monthly updates to key government agencies on number of supporters and news)

3. Archive stories, photos and videos on the railway and The Green Corridor (allowing the community of supporters to share their experiences and vision)

You can help us to gather more support for The Green Corridor. We hope to reach 10,000 supporters by 1 Jul. Visit the website now at and find out the various ways to show your support, spread the message, and share your stories.

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