New ASEAN CSR Network Launched at the International Singapore Compact CSR Summit

The new ASEAN CSR Network, “a network of networks”, was launched at the 2nd International Singapore CSR Summit today. The founding members of the Network are Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Singapore Compact will host the first secretariat of the Network.

The objectives of the Network is to:

  • Realise the ASEAN Vision covered by the Roadmap for ASEAN Community 2009-2015 and the Blueprint for ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community
  • Develop public policy model for ASEAN based on international social responsibility standards
  • Develop multi stakeholder engagement for holistic sustainable socio-economic development

The Network will be a platform for networking and exchange; a repository of regional knowledge on CSR; a capacity-builder and an advocate of CSR.

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