Panasonic Achieved its ‘eco ideas’ Targets and Sets New Vision

Panasonic ideas for life

Panasonic Asia Pacific has achieved and exceeded its ‘eco ideas’ declaration targets set in 2009, and aims to be the number one green innovation company in the electronics industry by 2018.

Panasonic first announced the following ‘eco ideas’ declaration targets in 2009, and announced yesterday that it has achieved and exceeded its targets:

eco ideas‘eco ideas’ for Products

  • 80% of total sales by March 2013 contributed by eco products

Increased percentage of sales contributed by eco products (energy efficiency, water efficiency and long lasting) from 24% of total product sales in March 2009 to 49% in March 2010. Panasonic uses an internal environmental assessment system for assessing the environmental impacts of its products, including energy efficiency, resource conservation and reduction of chemicals.

‘eco ideas’ for Manufacturing

  • Reduce 240,000 tons in total CO2 emissions over three years from April 2007 to March 2010

Reduced CO2 emissions across its 49 manufacturing sites in Asia Pacific by 37.2% instead of the original targeted 30.8% over three years. A total of 290,000 tons of CO2 was reduced, equivalent to planting about 16 million trees.

  • Create model ‘eco ideas’ factories to promote clean production

Set up three model ‘eco ideas’ factories in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand that manufacture eco-friendly products with sustainable industry practices and are utilised in outreach activities to raise the level of eco consciousness in the community. These factories place an even greater emphasis on energy efficiency, waste management and recycling.

‘eco ideas’ for Everybody, Everywhere

  • Spread ‘eco ideas’ through strong partnerships with key external stakeholders and educational roadshows to raise public awareness, especially among the youth.

Organised 76 eco-related educational activities and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes to raise public awareness in Asia Pacific.

Panasonic eco products

Panasonic also announced its new vision to become the number one green innovation company in the electronics industry by 2018 (its 100th anniversary), and its new ‘eco ideas’ declaration. Panasonic pledges to achieve the following by March 2013:

Panasonic Make a Change‘eco ideas’ for Lifestyles

  • Increase regional sales contributed by eco products from the current 49% to 80%.
  • Develop a Panasonic Global ECO LEARNING PROGRAM, and leverage on the Environment Champions (Schools) Industry Module in Singapore to enhance awareness of environmental issues among youth and encourage them to take eco action.
  • Utilise social media platforms to generate eco awareness and inculcate eco habits. It launched the ‘Make a Change‘ Campaign, an eco advertisement design competition. Three entries with the highest amount of votes stand to win eco-friendly TVs worth S$3,000 each. One winning design will be used by Panasonic in an ‘eco ideas’ advertising campaign.

‘eco ideas’ for Business-styles

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 500,000 tonnes vs business-as-usual level
  • Develop four more model ‘eco ideas’ factories in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines

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