Find Ways to Reduce Unnecessary Energy Usage

powerbuttonLook around your house and find ways to reduce unnecessary energy usage. Here are some tips:

1. Switch off your electronic appliances such as the television and DVD player at the power socket, and don’t leave them on standby mode. The standby mode still consumes energy (also known as vampire energy) and can add to your electricity bill.

Here’s a video on vampire energy:


2. Unplug your charger after charging your mobile phone as the charger left in the power socket still consumes energy.

3. Remember to switch off all the lights and appliances when leaving the house or when they are not in use. Do a quick check before leaving the house. You can connect different appliances to a power strip so that you only need to turn off one switch.

laptop4. If you’re buying a new computer, choose a laptop instead of a desktop as laptops use less energy. Also remember to use the power management mode on your computer to save energy. Here’s a guide to enable the energy saving features on your computer.

5. Reduce the brightness of your computer and television to cut energy consumption. The factory default setting may be brighter than necessary.

6. Remove unnecessary outdoor lighting such as spotlights. If you need them on at night, put them on a timer or use motion sensors.

7. Avoid using the clothes dryer when the weather is sunny, instead hang your clothes out to dry naturally.

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