Welcome to Green Future Solutions

Welcome to Green Future Solutions, we are a Singapore-based business that promotes environmental awareness and action for a green future. We believe that a green future is not a dream but a responsibility to nature and our children.

Our future is not merely something that happens to us but something that we participate in creating. If we do this consciously, we can create a world that works. – The Cultural Creatives

Our Vision

A green future that is Bright, Enough, Local, Simple, Social and Whole.

Our Mission

We share environmental news and resources with positive people so that they can learn, understand and take action towards a green future. We promote environmental awareness and action through our network of green websites, events, presentations, publications and consultancy.

1 thought on “Welcome to Green Future Solutions

  1. I applaud the government’s effort to save our earth. I think more could be done to the use of plastic plates, plastic containers used in hawker centres and food courts/ fast food restaurants. Is the authority able to stop the use of these products which bring harm to environment? Everyday we are seeing so many plastic plates/containers wasted after buying our food and they are just used for few minutes and thrown away! If we can stop this (we can use traditional plastic bags to buy our packed food or use traditional plates and utensils), then I am sure it would greatly help our environment.

    Hope the authority can seriously look into it.


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